Fully Managed Digital & Business Solutions Portfolio.

EB Web Services Inc. manages and powers digital portfolios and business systems.

With a focus on business strategy, AI, digital technology, and infrastructure, EB Web Services Inc. offers a full suite of managed business services. Our full-service management is cloud-native, AI-enabled, and technology-agnostic, empowering you to adapt quickly. We target ROI-positive actions with powerful business metrics and minimal administration.

Client Project Logos


BISVI | Virtual CTO & Web Advisory Services

BISVI | Digital Leadership

Our digital and business advisory services including fractional c-level and strategic advisory board services.

Worth it Living

Worth it Living

Worth it Living empowers individuals in wellness, purpose, and life, to change the world and live a life that's worth it.


Christian Learning Website Logo

Media Portfolio - 10M+ followers, visitors, etc

Kingdom Ads

Invite-only, family-safe, and privacy-first AI advertising platform.

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Introducing our newest product suite for Digital Business AI Enablement. Experience the future of work with AI that empowers individuals and makes strategic decisions aligned with your business goals. Our advanced AI technology, models, and training, seamlessly integrates into your workflows, providing tailored insights and recommendations to drive innovation and growth. Unlock your business's potential and embark on a journey of endless possibilities.


Some of the services offered by our brands, portfolio companies, and partners.

Portfolio Management

  • Branding & Identity
  • Market Positioning and Messaging
  • Brand Protection & Management
  • Administrative Services
  • Media & Broadcast Solutions
  • Localization

Business Services

  • Distribution & Delivery
  • Infrastructure
  • Digital Management
  • e-Commerce
  • Cloud Services & Consulting
  • Digital Business Administration
  • 3PL & Product Management

Strategic Services

  • Strategic Advisory Board
  • Fractional CTO & CMO Services
  • Digital Marketing Technologies
  • Web & Digital Advisory
  • Data Management, Analytics & Integration
  • Research & Auditing
  • Software Advisory


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